100 Years Strong!


Peggy is first and foremost a passionate human being in love with life and a commitment to what it could be. Towards that end she has dedicated most of her one hundred years on the planet to making art that makes people think – and then re-think – their ideas about racism, sexism, politics, health, justice and meaning. She does it with a dash of line and color and a deft daub of humor. Her humor retains the sly, dry attitude of her British heritage and grabs you by surprise.

She’s not afraid to express strong opinions and back them up with a ferocious amount of knowledge gleaned from daily reading and listening to news shows. And all her artwork must pass the test of being - not just one of these, but all three simultaneously - strong, beautiful and true! 

But politics is only one side of this multi-talented woman who also has honed a deep spirituality over the last 25 years. Seeking to understand the inner world and its demands for justice and wisdom and courage has led her to explore that terrain with the same rigor with which she has taken on corrupt powers in the outer world. Finding her balance, literally and metaphorically, through a decades-long yoga practice, makes her one of the most grounded, robust and mentally sharp centenarians you will ever meet.


We are gathering to celebrate Peggy’s one hundredth birthday in a musical tribute to each of her ten decades of living a life that is decidedly Strong, Beautiful and True!

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